No more glare!


Eyeglasses can certainly help clear up your vision, but at the same time, they can be annoying.  Glare from car lights, computer screen, office lighting, and other sources can take away from the clarity and bring on eyestrain, headaches, and struggles with daily tasks.  But there is a … [Read more...]

I need LASIK Surgery


Talk about an interesting photo in the photo below. No, you're not seeing double or triple, but you're seeing a ton of tourist take a funny shot with their cameras. You don't need LASIK surgery, but if you do for other complications, contact us. … [Read more...]

Eye Meds- Color Therapy


Do you need Eye Meds? How about Color Therapy? You know we're only playing, but we thought we got you? :) … [Read more...]

Disease and Problems thru old age


You know time changes everything. Steve Urkel was considered a big nerd in the 1990s. In 2011's Hipster changed that and a nerd is "cool and hip now. What a difference time makes. That's a problem with time and has nothing to do with a disease. Try keeping up with all the latest trends from kids and … [Read more...]

Waardenburg Syndrome


Waardenburg Syndrome can cause an individual to have pale blue eye. Rare, unique, and something that can bring attention if the individual has dark skin like the little girl above. Another characteristic of Waardenburg Syndrome is the individual being deaf in one or both of their ears. s which … [Read more...]

Where to Buy Cool Glasses


It's one thing to go to the doctor, but it's another thing to find the cool glasses that everyone wants to wear. Click on Find A Doctor tab and Find Those Cool Glasses! … [Read more...]

Scary Eye Contacts


Remember when contacts were made for a purpose and not for show? A good first impression? World Cup fever Diamonds are forever Cyborg I hope no one wears any of these on a regular basis Perfect for Halloween costumes Zombies … [Read more...]